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Environmental Policy

I'm aware the environmental impact of greetings cards can be a controversial issue which is why I'm trying to make sure our company is as green as it can be. Last year (2020) we moved our stock board (the board we print inhouse on to) to 100% recycled card ( from 100% recycled fibres. Our board is made in Europe (so no air or long travel for carbon footprint), FSC Recycled, and the Novalis coating that makes it print so well is water based and totally safe to recycle and the board is bio-degradable.) and this year (2021) we're changing our card bags to compostable rather than plastic based
"A new generation of compostable film made from renewable resources - PLA polylactic acid bio-based (corn or other starch/sugar source resins).
Nativia ® can be industrially composted and will disintegrate in six months to CO2, water and humus, a soil nutrient. It can also be mechanically and chemically recycled (not with other plastics because it has a lower melting temperature) and it can be incinerated for energy recovery."
These changes make our product much more eco-friendly and makes me feel better about producing small scale individual cards.
I feel that greetings cards, especially if they're individually designed and not mass produced, symbolise a greater sense of thoughtfulness and can bring a lot of joy.
I would encourage that, once finished with, they are re-purposed into something like gift tags and the remainder recycled.
We are a small scale cottage industry and as such we reuse as much packaging as possible and don't hold large amounts of stock that could go to waste. We recycle as much of our day to day waste as we can and, since our daily commute is a stone's throw from our house! we don't have the need to drive out. We try to stay as sustainable as possible using environmentally friendly heating systems in our design studio and store room.
I will continue to assess our business and look for ways to be more eco-conscious.