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A Little Bit More About Us

In August 2019 we built ourselves a new studio near Kingskettle, Fife and it's fast becoming a hive of activity and the new home of Wee Wishes cards. Before this we were based near Leven, Fife where the previous generation of Wee Wishes crew aka Laura's parents, Marion and Bob - founders of Embroidered Originals, as Wee Wishes was previously known, ran the bizz. 

Our day consists of mail orders, coffee, production and admin, lunch, post box run, pick up kids, snacks, sorting kids etc. etc! dinner, kids to bed, back out to studio to design, come up with new ideas!

We've got it down to a T with hubby Greg getting himself fully immersed into the Wee Wishes machine only months after having first started here. 

We strive to produce quality, well finished cards for all occasions each with it's own unique style and touch of Scottish humour, hope you like them!