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Father's Day

Posted by embroidered 31/05/2022 0 Comment(s)

Father's Day 19th June 2022

It'll soon be here! The big day when we all say thank you to the most important men in our lives, our dads, papas, daddies, paws whatever you want to call them it's their big day and they deserve a wee treat.

Whether it's a big cuddle from the youngest and breakfast in bed or a walk along the beach and fish and chips whatever you do with yours it'll be special. They help to bring us in to this world and teach us, encourage us, help us and simply be there for us throughout our ups and downs and I for one am glad that the world's changing to allow more new fathers to experience paternity leave and create precious bonds with their children which in the past was overlooked. Todays fathers are less likely to be jetting off for work at the crack of dawn and only seeing their kids for bedtime. 

My husband and business partner Greg made the decision to become full time with our business at the end of last year, finishing up at the hospital at the end of December. He's worked in the NHS since leaving uni at many different institutions across the UK and now he works with me running and managing our business. It works for us as a family because we have the priviledge of being home for the kids, which I know is something that is quite unique and not achievable for many. 

This is a picture of my husband Greg sitting on the wall at Ullapool with our two kids. We were partway on our journey home from a camping holiday where we'd tested out our tent for the first time. 

He has followed in the footsteps of my dad Bob, who also took early retirement from art teaching when this business was originally owned and run by my mum Marion (they became a partnership too). So there's examples of two fathers who have taken the decision to work in the family business for the good of their family life and their own wellbeing. I hope that more fathers in the future have the ability to make the right choices for their families too and I think it's definitely going that way.

We should all be very proud of the job fathers do in all their guises, juggling from working hard to playing with the kids, to keeping the home life steady to looking out for their own wellbeing, we salute you!