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Get Well Soon Card Porridge WWGW06

Get Well Soon Card Porridge WWGW06

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Product Description

Textured white card, 15cm x 10.5 cm (A6 size)

Text reads: Sorry to hear ye're no weel, Bein' ill is such a drag,
feelin' like a washed oot rag
A doggy's tail that disnae wag -
it's time we got ye better
This recipe fur gettin' well
an' feelin' much mair like yersel'
Is no' sae difficult tae tell.
Jist follow tae the letter
Plenty rest an' TLC,
yer feet up wi' daytime TV
A wee biscuit an' a cup o' tea,
or somethin' even better?
There is one thing ye canny beat,
tae pit ye richt back oan yer feet
A bowl o' porridge, inner heat -
jist like a cosy sweater!
Blank inside

comes complete in biobased protector (fully compostable) with a coordinating coloured envelope.